2017 Holiday Gift Guide

That time of year is here where we scramble around and look for gifts for our friends and family. Well, good news. We are making it easier on you and releasing the Coma Holiday Gift Guide. Here are a few of our favorite things that make the perfect gift for all you home baristas and coffee lovers.

Hario_V60 (1).jpg

Pour Over Kit

Manual brewing is one of most effective ways for getting the best qualities from your coffee. Once you get the basics down, the process is simple and very rewarding. 

The kit includes:
- Hario Buono Stove Top Kettle
- Hario Coffee Scale
- White Ceramic V60 Dripper
- Hario Glass Range Server
- V60 Paper Filters! 


Stagg Kettle by Fellow

Stagg is bringing sexy back. This kettle's functional design kicks brewing up a notch. Enjoy an smooth and steady pour with Stagg’s precision pour spout. Keep track of temperature with a built in brew-range thermometer. Enjoy the control of the counter-balanced handle moving the center of mass back towards your hand. $79.99


Coffee Subscription

Have you ever woken up and discovered a lack of delicious coffee in your kitchen? It's a sad situation and should never happen to anyone! Make your life easier! Start your Coma Coffee subscription. (or gift it to a friend!) With our subscription, you'll never have to worry about your coffee supply for up to 3 or 6 months!  Each delivery comes with one or two 12oz. bags of roaster's choice, freshly roasted coffee. It's the worry free way of keeping your coffee supply fresh and you'll actually save some money too!

Subscriptions can be purchased right on our website.  



We love this gift because not only does it make a great cup of coffee, it's freakin beautiful! The classic 6-cup Chemex is stylish and has an iconic hour glass figure with a wood collar and leather tie.The carafe brews a very clean and rich cup off coffee. It can hold up to 30 ounces and is perfect to share with 1-3 people. $41.50

Holiday Blend

This is Coma's first blend so of course it made the list! Our holiday blend is a super fun and approachable cup of coffee anyone will enjoy! Combining coffees from Ethiopia and Honduras, this gift worthy blend carries a very rich, smooth feel with notes of chocolate and a light floral sweetness. We designed this blend to taste just as delicious in milk as it is black! So stay warm (or brew it cold!) while you celebrate the holidays and kick off the new year with this seasonal offering! $17.00


Bonavita Auto Drip Brewer

This gift was chosen because we know not everyone has time to manually brew their coffee. Well, thanks to Bonavita, making specialty coffee has never been easier with this auto dripper! This brewer uses an array of water spouts to evenly saturate the coffee grounds for a very even extraction. This coffee maker is also certified by the Specialty Coffee Association of America.

Insulated, Stainless Steel - $179.99
Glass - $149.99


Holiday Sampler Pack

If you can't make up your mind on which coffee to buy, this is a great way to try several! This sampler pack includes three of our single origin coffees plus our Holiday Blend! $25.00


Cold Brew Kit

We all know at least someone who is addicted to cold brew which is why we came up with a Cold Brew kit. It's a great way to enjoy our award winning cold brew at home! It also make a KILLER gift for all those people who like it on ice. The kit includes a 12oz bag of our Holiday Blend, a 32oz cold brew growler and a Hario Cold Brew Coffee maker! This is selling for $45, normaly $65!


Baratza Encore Grinder

This home burr grinder is a great addition for any coffee lover. The Encore is exceptional at producing consistent grinds from very fine to very coarse as well as being durable and will remain sharp for many years. In addition, it has a very small footprint so it won't take up too much space on the counter. $139.00


This gift is for the classy enviromentilist. Made from fully tempered soda lime glass, KeepCup Brew Cork Edition features a natural cork band. Recieve a discount every time you use it at Coma! $25.00


Gift Cards

Who doesnt love gift cards? Not only are they easy, but this is also the perfect gift for those who are notoriously picky. Even better, we are offering a discount! For $20 you can recieve a $25 gift card and for $100 you will recieve at free $20 gift card!! HUURAH!

Macy Holtzman
Public Cupping Recap 11/15

The Coma Coffee team had such a fantastic time cupping our selectively-sourced, single origin coffees with local STL coffee enthusiasts. The event was held to publicly introduce our current lineup of coffees in the form of a tasting exercise (think wine sampling). Cupping is considered the industry standard for analyzing the characteristics of a coffee, and is so highly valued because of its ability to remove any technique or error that may be implemented in other brewing methods. It allows for consistency and repeatability. A year and a half in, this was Coma’s first public cupping. Along this journey we felt entirely overdue for a more formal introduction of our product and mission.  We were very excited about it. 

Coffee as a Sensory Experience

We began the evening with a chat about ways in which our senses experience coffee, facilitated by Coma’s roaster Connor James. The majority of your perception is determined by three senses: taste, aroma, and tactile sensation (body & texture)

Public cupping hosted by Coma Coffee 11/15/17

Public cupping hosted by Coma Coffee 11/15/17


The sense of taste is largely subjective, but through calibrations and tools such as the SCAA (Specialty Coffee Association of America) flavor wheel we can attune our analysis to a more universal system. Something else that can vary heavily from person to person is sensitivity to specific flavors due to biological factors as well as cultural influences. Continued exposure to a large variety of flavors can help familiarize one’s taste buds to flavors they may have lacked sensitivity towards at one point. 


Aroma is when your nose and taste buds work together to perceive the flavors and vapors a coffee exudes. The roasting process transforms a subtly grassy, neutral smelling green bean into an explosively aromatic item through various chemical processes. To illustrate the level of complexity, a coffee bean can contain upwards of 900 aromatic compounds in comparison to wine’s 200-300. Aroma sets the stage for how our taste buds will interpret the various acids, carbohydrates, fats and oils within the coffee. 

Breaking the crust during a coffee cupping. This is the best way to experience the full aroma of a coffee.

Breaking the crust during a coffee cupping. This is the best way to experience the full aroma of a coffee.


Body refers to the coffee’s mouthfeel. Texture and body is experienced through what’s formally known as the tactile sensation, which is enabled by pressure receptors on the tongue. A great example of this is the difference in how skim and whole milk feels in your mouth, due to the differing fat content. 

A glass of Ozark Mountain whole milk.

A glass of Ozark Mountain whole milk.


Our next topic of discussion was what we are able to taste in general and then more specifically how those tastes manifest in coffee. Broadly speaking, humans are able to taste saltiness, sweetness, bitterness, sourness and savories. Applying this to coffee, we taste specific type and intensity of acidity, flavor, body and session. 

The major point of providing this information before diving into the cupping exercise was to guide participants into a more heightened state of sensory awareness, so that our coffees could be more affectively experienced. Tasting things thoughtfully isn’t something everyone is familiar with, so we wanted to provide knowledge and techniques on how to do so. Additionally, we provided a projection of the SCAA flavor wheel so that people could have a visualization of various characteristics to apply while tasting coffee. Without a visual queue you’re relying on memory to provide you the descriptors that apply to what you’re experiencing, which can prove frustrating and difficult to the most skilled tasters. A good practice while tasting is to do so comparatively, so after doing a single pass through all of our offerings we suggested our participants go back and forth tasting two different coffees: one from a Latin American origin and the other from an African Origin. 

The engagement and level of intrigue we received from participants was humbling. We shared the experience with local baristas and other industry people, home roasters, and those just wanting to learn about coffee and how to taste its complexities. 

Stay tuned for future cuppings coming in early 2018.
Thanks for making this event a special one St. Louis!

Connor James
Journey into Blood & Sand

Blood & Sand, a speaky-easy styled membership establishment has been redefining dining and drinking standards in St. Louis city since opening their doors. They bring an upscale, encapsulating experience that one cannot find elsewhere in the area, from award-winning cocktails to nationally recognized, multi-course chef’s tastings. Recently they began serving Coma Coffee’s Puno, Peru and Guji, Ethiopia in form of pour-over as yet another example of uncomprised quality. They’ve created an extraordinary specialty cocktail in which the components of an Ol’ Fashioned are poured through our coffee via goosneck kettle to extract dimensional coffee subtleties into the classic take on the drink.

Connor James
Coffee Inspo, Clarity Coffee

Clarity Coffee based in downtown Oklahoma City began serving up coffee beverages in 2015. Experienced roaster Steve Willingham and wife Chelsea wanted to create a cultural hub for coffee in OKC, to help the industry gain traction. Their model revolves around extensive communication with roasting partners and a firm understanding of the bean’s backstory in order to achieve optimal execution during the brewing process. They feature top-notch roasters from all over the country including Heart, Tweed and George Howell. Clarity is currently serving up our Nyeri, Kenya on their breathtaking modbar machine and we couldn’t be more ecstatic to work with them.

Connor James
We're loving Reeds American Table

Based out of St. Louis MO.,  Reeds is killing the culinary game.  They are making comfort food in a sexy way by taking classic dishes and elevating them to the next level. While they serve traditional coffee beverages, they have also created cocktails and mocktails that have stunned all their customers. A favorite has been their Spanish latte, which was inspired from a cafe in Barcelona.  The latte consists of a double shot of espresso, sweet condensed milk and an orange peel which is first rubbed across the rim of the cup. Absolutely delicious and showcases our coffee in a perfectly sweet way.  Looking for a boozy inspo?  Reeds offers a "brunch punch" which includes plymouth gin, creme de cerise, ramazzatti amaro, lemon and cold brew.  YUM.

Macy Holtzman
Coffee Inspo, All Day

We could drink coffee here "All Day" and so could you. Their shop is HOT. Located in the heart of Miami, FL., All Day has a super sleek and modern build out. Along with their knowledgeable baristas, their serve ware makes customers feel extra special. This shop offers a wide variety of beverages and healthy sammies. We love that they are offering a cupping menu option where the customer can choose three coffee offerings and experience the industry method of tasting multiple coffees on their rotating roaster line up. They also serve wine and sparkling champagne for those of you who are looking to get a little boozy either before or after you've had a coffee pick me up.   

Macy Holtzman
Pop-up Brunch featuring Farmtruk

    On Saturday, April 29th at 10am, Coma is partnered with with Chef Samantha Mitchell, owner of Farmtruk. Former sous chef at Annie Gunn's and featured on The Food Network, Samantha now operates her mobile food truck bringing St. Louis farm to table foods. 
    The food was prepared by Chef Mitchell using Coma Coffee's coffee and produce from local farms. All small. All sustainable. All delicious. 

-First Course - Espresso rubbed bacon sandwich. This includes an espresso rubbed & smoked pork belly, beatje farms goat cheese spread and dressed herb salad.

-Second Course - Fricasse Coffee Braised Short Rib with a poached egg on roasted potatoes, charred onions, arugula, shaved cheddar and grilled focaccia

-Third Course - Mocha Macaroons & toffee bark

A complimentary coffee cocktail was served.

Macy Holtzman