We're loving Reeds American Table

Based out of St. Louis MO.,  Reeds is killing the culinary game.  They are making comfort food in a sexy way by taking classic dishes and elevating them to the next level. While they serve traditional coffee beverages, they have also created cocktails and mocktails that have stunned all their customers. A favorite has been their Spanish latte, which was inspired from a cafe in Barcelona.  The latte consists of a double shot of espresso, sweet condensed milk and an orange peel which is first rubbed across the rim of the cup. Absolutely delicious and showcases our coffee in a perfectly sweet way.  Looking for a boozy inspo?  Reeds offers a "brunch punch" which includes plymouth gin, creme de cerise, ramazzatti amaro, lemon and cold brew.  YUM.

Macy Holtzman