Nyamesheke, Rwanda

Nyamesheke, Rwanda


Fuji Apple
Red Grape

Region: Nyamesheke
Country: Rwanda
Washing Station: Kanzu, Lot #19
Altitude: 1800 - 2100M
Variety: Bourbon
Process: Washed

Rwanda as an origin is known for producing extremely sweet and juicy coffees with fruitiness and freshness similar to that of red apples and grapes. Coffee trees are capable of growing across the entire country, not being limited to any particular districts mostly due to the country’s consistently high altitude (nicknamed ‘land of a thousand hills’) and ideal climate conditions for cultivation. Centralized washing stations located across the country are key to the efficiency of production, cutting transportation costs for farmers; Rwanda has earned a reputation for some of the most meticulously washed coffees during the processing stage.     This coffee comes from the acclaimed washing station known as Kanzu, located on the western edge of Rwanda in the Nyamasheke district. The Kanzu washing station caught the attention of many specialty grade importers at Rwanda’s 2007 Golden Cup competition, in which they placed 4th. The station is comprised of vast rolling hills where thousands of coffee trees sit atop. The high elevation and cool climate ensures slower ripening of the coffee cherry. These factors ultimately lead to an extremely dense and sugar-rich product. After the Coma team cupped numerous lots from Kanzu station’s 2017 harvest, we decided upon lot #19 holding a cup score of 88. This coffee earned our immediate respect for its clean and juicy mouthfeel, great sweetness, and sparkling acidity.     We tasted notes of sweet fuji apple, asian pear and concord grape. That being said, we proudly present to you Coma’s very first Rwandan coffee.

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