Nyeri, Kenya

Nyeri, Kenya

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Cane Sugar

Origin: Nyeri, Kenya
Cooperative: Kiamabara Factory
Tasting Profile: Intense with molasses, cola, cane juice, burnt sugar, strong acidity and a heavy mouthfeel
Process: Washed
Variety: SL-28, SL-34, Ruiru 11 and Batian Elevation: 1700-1777m

Located near the base of Mount Kenya (1700-1777m), in the Kiamabara Township, is the Kiamabara Coffee Factory. This factory is responsible for processing the crops of over 900 farmers in the area and is managed by Coffee Management Services (CMS). This is a major benefit for everyone involved, from the farmer to the consumer. The goal of a service like CMS is to ensure a world leading standard of quality and efficiency. This is achieved by providing regular training and a wealth of quality resources for farmers. By improving these factors of production, the coffee competes better in the world market, earns higher margins, and ultimately a more reasonable wage for the farmers.

This traditional Kenyan boasts a juicy, fresh aroma of peaches and cane sugar. As the coffee cools, flavors of burnt sugar, cherry, plum, black curran, and intense molasses all work together to achieve a smooth, complex, and heavy finish.

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