Guatemala, Hacienda Real

Guatemala, Hacienda Real

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Orange Juice


Farm: Hacienda Real
Region: Zacapa
Altitude: 1100-1400
Varietal: Catuai, Pache Colis, and Catimor
Process: Fully Washed

This coffee comes from the award winning private farm, Hacienda Real. It is owned by Mr. Eulogio Guerra. In 2015, The farm earned 4th place in a regional competition hosted by ANACAFE. This award was big milestone for Mr. Guerra. to be recognized as a leader in quality for other producers in Zacapa. The geography around this farm is more than ideal for producing healthy and sweet cherries. This farm includes some native trees such as Jacote and Banana to provide plenty of shade for the coffee trees to thrive. When brewed, this coffee gives off wonderful aromas of honey and tropical fruits.  When the cup is hot, a nougat, honey/hazelnut sweetness and rich mouth feel are most notable. As the cup cools, flavors of orange juice begin open up with a smooth finish.

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