We use some of the highest quality coffee. This coffee is brewed at room temperature for 18 hours using a double filtration process to obtain the final result: a complex, clean and sweet brew with a low-acid content and a smooth finish. Precision and simplicity is the beauty of this process.
Our cold brew showcases everything a coffee has to offer in the form of one delicious brew.


While the concept is simple, fine tuning this process is where it gets fun. Adjusting our roasts, playing with brewing parameters, and tasting A LOT of coffee is where the labor of love is required to elevate the quality and clarity of the unique flavors in our coffee.  

Currently, we are distributing to just the St. Louis market. If you have the privilege of living in this fine city, that means you are that much closer to enjoying this unique beverage. Lucky you! 

Interested in having Coma Cold Brew in your office, cafe, or restaurant? Let us know!



On Tap

Serve our still cold brew or nitro cold brew right from your draft system! With a shelf life of up to three months, this is the simplest way to offer speedy cold brew coffee service in your bar or restaurant. 


By the Can

Now you can enjoy Coma cold brew anywhere! Our canned cold brew is nitrogen infused and is creamy and refreshing.



Our cold brew concentrate is
full bodied, sweet, and complex.
These qualities make it a versatile component within mixology. Our partners have made coffee liqueurs, coffee stouts, and coffee forward cocktails to add variety to their offerings.