Yirgacheffe, Ethiopia Natural (Certified Organic)

Yirgacheffe, Ethiopia Natural (Certified Organic)

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Region: Yirgacheffe 
Altitude: 1750 – 2300M
Variety: Heirloom
Process: Full natural and dried on raised beds
Certified Organic

There seems to be somewhat of a general consensus within the coffee industry that describes Yirgacheffe as having some of the most wildly aromatic and elegant coffees in the world. This is a sentiment Coma can certainly agree with. The flavors can be notably diverse, ranging from floral and tea-like to fruit forward and berry-like.

This particular coffee was produced by a farmer by the name of Gelgelu Edema and processed as a separate lot at the Worka station, where Gelgelu is an active member. The Worka station is located in the Southern district of Gedeb within the Gedeo zone.

Gelgelu is part of single producer coffee project developed in 2012 between Royal Coffee Importers and the Yirgacheffe Coffee Farmers Cooperative Union (YCFCU). A handful of model farmers were selected for this program as a way to exchange traceability and reliable quality for higher coffee premiums for individual lots of coffee. The producers have been required to meet a rigorous set of processing standards, as well as regular farm visits from Royal team members and higher cup qualifications. The single producer initiative has gained great admiration and popularity from farmers in Yirgacheffe and roasters alike, as its led to transparency in the buying process as well as fair compensation for hard-working farm owners.

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