Muramvya, Burundi

Muramvya, Burundi

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Region: Muramvya
Hill: Gaharo
Importer: Long Miles Coffee Project
Alititude: 1700-2000m
Variety: Bourbon
Process: Honey

Gaharo is the fateful hill where Long Mile’s story began many years ago. The journey here has presented much challenge as well as reward in continually improving crop quality. The very first washing station built by Long Miles rests at the feet of Gaharo hill on a piece of land that at one time was an occupied farm but had been since abandoned. It was thoroughly cleared by Gaharo farmers to make way for the building of what would become Bukeye washing station.

Gaharo soil is naturally high in acidity and low in fertility, presenting agricultural challenges for not just coffee but all crops needed to sustain the township. Part of Long Miles’ focus has been to invest education efforts directly into farmers, to help them understand practices that will combat this. The most effective strategy has been to implement green manures and organic fertilizers to lower the soil’s acidity.

The coffees from this region all belong to the Bourbon cultivar, and are well known for their sugary sweet profiles, rounded out with pleasant malic acidity reminiscent of orchard fruit.

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