Limu, Ethiopia (Natural)

Limu, Ethiopia (Natural)

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Region: Limu
Producer: Rada Coffee Plantation
Country: Ethiopia
Altitude: 1900-2200m
Variety: 74165, 74112 (varieties resistant to coffee berry disease)
Process: Natural

This coff­ee was graciously brought to us through Genuine Origin Importers, who has a vested commitment to producers at origin in Asia, Africa and Latin America. Coffee from Ethiopia hold a special significance to all of us here at Coma.

They can be some of the most explosively aromatic, floral and complex coffees out here and this beautiful Limu is no exception. It is naturally processed, meaning that the cherries were laid out in thin layers to be sun dried before being mechanically depulped. It is crucial that the cherries are periodically rotated during this process in order to avoid molding, uncontrolled fermentation and rotting. Also, this particular farm uses raised, mesh-wire drying beds to ensure that the cherries receive optimal airow while laying out.

There remains much skepticism towards the natural process, since it is less controlled then washed and can often result in a coff­ee lacking clarity and dimension. Though we agree with this sentiment, the coff­ee we have here hardly exhibits any of these negative characteristics. It captures fantastic jammy fruitiness, with a hint of pineapple. As it cools the fruit favors hold on and rounds out pleasantly with a clean citrus and milk chocolate finish. Having earned an 88-cup score, this coff­ee’s complexity and clarity holds up with some of the most dimensional coff­ee’s we’ve sourced to date.

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