Huila, Colombia (Natural)

Huila, Colombia (Natural)

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Region: Huila
Country: Colombia
Altitude: 1730M
Variety: Pink Bourbon
Process: Natural

Finca Monteblanco, located outside of the Huila department in the city of Pitalito, has a prestigious reputation for producing some of the world’s most unique, experimental coffees. Three generations of farmers have been tirelessly studying how to consistently yield extraordinary coffee lots on Monteblanco. Currently Rodrigo Sanchez heads up coffee operations and has focused much attention and work on their three hectares worth of ‘Pink Boubon’ varietal.

Pink Bourbon was discovered on Monteblanco around 2012, and they were able to successfully isolate these coffee trees from the other varietals on the farm. Much is still to be understood about this cultivar, though the physical structure of the plant and the cup profile are extremely similar to that of the Gesha.

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