Guji, Ethiopia

Guji, Ethiopia

from 17.50

Stewed Apricot
Tropical Floral
Burnt Sugar

Region: Shakisso, Danbi Uddo, Gigesa
Farm: Gigesa Washing Station
Altitude: 1800 - 1950M
Variety: Heirloom
Process: Washed

Café Imports brought us this beautiful Ethiopia as we eagerly toast the new season of fresh-crop African coffees.

The Gigesa washing station collects coffee cherries from over 850 nearby smallholder farms (averaging 2.5 hectares in size) from the Guji zone of Oromia, Ethiopia. The wet mill has become familiar with environmentally responsible processing practices, and uses fresh river water to wash and ferment the coffee wet for 48 hours before stripping the remaining mucilage and drying it on raised beds. Farms possess mostly moderate temperatures of 60-77 degrees Fahrenheit, contributing to slow and steady maturation of the sugars and organic acids within the cherries.

The various Ethiopian microclimates contribute to the extremely diverse cup profiles found within its regions. Floral aromatics, lively acidity and nuanced fruit flavors are all qualities synonymous with a professionally procured Ethiopian coffee.

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