Finca El Manantial, Colombia

Finca El Manantial, Colombia

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Region: Campo Alegre, Totoro, Cauca
Farm: Finca El Manantial, Colombia
Altitude: 2040m
Variety: Castillo
Process: Washed

We bring you this coffee through our friends at Café Imports, sourced from a 6-hectare coffee farm by the name of Finca El Manantial. Finca El Manantial is located in one of the western most regions, bordering the Pacific known as Cauca. This region is recognized for its extremely ideal growing conditions provided by the high altitude, proximity to the equator and the surrounding mountains which protect coffee farms from both the humidity from the Pacific and heavy, subtropical trade winds from the South. Owner and operator Jose Leonardo inherited the farm from his family nearly a decade ago, though it was mostly uncultivated at the time. He planted 2,000 trees and began his mission to produce some of the most special micro-lots in the region. Today there are more than 25,000 thriving Castillo coffee trees on Finca El Manantial. Him and his family have gone to great lengths to improvehis picking methods, processing, sorting and plant nutrition. Leonardo harvests the coffee when it has fully ripened to a beautiful purple color, and then depulps it that very afternoon with a traditional four-outlet depulper. Next, he meticulously sorts out the impurities and defects before beginning the 20-hour fermentation stage which will ultimately soften the sticky mucilage layer for removal. Lastly, the coffee is thoroughly washed three times and then laid out in parabolic dryers (pictured above) for 10 days of even drying. All of this professional care and nurture leads to a coffee rich in tangy, dimensional acidity with notes of caramelized sugar, lime zest and stone fruit.

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